A Global Tech Conference Is More Than Networking Opportunity


Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in any country’s economy. And when technology confluences with business, the fathom of creation is even louder. Networking is one of the most valuable resources for any startup, knowing the right people may lead to a fast success and market penetration.

Also, any startup must be looking for early adopters, people who are willing to try new things and give smart feedback on it, entrepreneurs are the best when it come to that. In such a situation finding the right people and the right audience is a must.

Tech Conferences is one of the best platforms to showcase your product to potential customers, evangelists, influencers and investors. There have been many successful conferences that have kick-started the initial growth for many startups in the past. TiECon and TechCrunch Disrupt are right at the top of the minds for every frequent attendees of tech conferences.

TiEcon is the largest technology anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum among top 10 conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth magazine, TiEcon has attracted over 50,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from over 50 countries in the past. In the year 2016 alone, there were over 4,700 participants from 22 countries.

TiEcon 2017 from 5th to 6th May in Santa Clara will focus on the hottest areas of innovation including machine learning, IoT, FinTech, security, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, software defined infrastructure, drones, digital health, and many more.

“Entrepreneurship journey begins when you IMAGINE changing the world; it becomes a reality when you INNOVATE; and market leadership is realized when you are able to INFLECT.”

The key tracts of TiEcon 2017 are- Software Defined Infrastructure, Internet of Things, FinTech & Blockchain, GovTech, Security, Machine Learning, Digital Health, AR/VR, Entrepreneurship, Autonomous Vehicles, Social Impact, Gaming, MarTech, Drones and Youth.

Below are a few agendas which will be discussed in the event –

  • Software Defined Infrastructure Expands Beyond the Data Center
  • Opportunities and Challenges for startups in IoT
  • Upcoming Trends in Financial Services
  • Innovating for large scale opportunities like Govtech
  • Govtech is global – International opportunity
  • How new Government policies drive Govtech opportunities

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