Why Communication Is A Substantial Factor For Entrepreneurs

why communication is important for entrepreneurs

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”

– James Hugens

With all the self potent tools in the modern world, the degree of enticement towards introvercy is accelerated by unimaginable and unmanageable Nitrous boost. This introverted generation’s startup enthusiasts, who pictures entrepreneurs as loner with solely potent and rich ideas goes out of tracks of success in much sooner or later at the time of crisis. The most successful entrepreneurs are extroverts holding excellent placards of communication.

Ranging from Andrew Carnegie to Elon Musk substantial need of communication has proved to be the roots of success. The jargons of entrepreneurs have been studied under various perspectives to concise and frame a thumb rule for the upcoming path-breaking startup geeks.

In “New study: How communication drives performance” it is proven that a 47% increase to shareholders over five years is found in the companies which communicates effectively among employees. Effective communication prevails over the right blend of courage, innovation and discipline in every way of connection to the employee.

Courage as of Watson Wyatt is defined as “telling it like it is”, not shielding the employees from the bitter tasting scenarios. This courage renders back with ameliorated employee performances. Innovation is not the thing for the future reserve or the product development, it should be in every brick and mortar of the company.

The enthusiasm of the employees should be coped with innovation in every task they perform. Discipline is the bait for the elites of the community, the chairpersons and all other superiors should project how well the company is performing to the employees. This boosts the spirits of the employee which yields a share of mind and creativity at times of difficulties.

In “The power of asking why?” from Forbes communication council authored by Natalie Hahn, she insists to ask the clarifying syllable “Why?” for getting the current status quo of work. The negligence of the “Why?” leads us to lose the critical information which could build us fortune or make us to survive till the last sheet in business.

We tend not to put the “Why questioned person” to be held back, but the negative impacts are more serious than the former situation. No “why’s”, leads us to make up the story, since we are not that sagacious all the time due to daily stress and chores, the made up story will always have a negative shade.

Secondly, the incomplete reason with the made up story leads to decisions which are made on our assumptions and not on the facts. Thus it leads to a wrong dive in a shallow pool which puts everyone at stake.

The third issue is the bond which we share after the logout sessions, inflicts majorly in the upcoming work-in hours. Thus balancing on a slim and cadaveric relationship bonds which cuts off  on the lightest touch is hard to recover. Assimilating the above, there is always a need for “Why?”, but not in a five year kid fashion but in some polished and polite leadership manner without crossing the gentler adjective.

There has been so many streams of improvements in the traditional office culture with cubicles and private desks. Modernity evolved in the concept of workspace such as work from home, work from any desired places in which the teams are remote to handle. The need of a well structured and streamlined internal communication is a prima facie for productivity.

The key strategies for mustering the company’s communication for remote employees are the social media hook, regular video meetings, maintaining the old school physical conferences, refining the email write up style of the employees and finally utilizing the modern techs as a productive platform.

The social media is an addiction factor to this age, rather than restricting the addiction, restructure it by leveraging the productive aspects of it. The regular video conferencing develops to out of professional issue and small chit chats which frees the sense of rigidness to sense of creativity but the old school face to face meeting are never to be neglected as it makes some pleasant warning of the realities and builds the sense of coordination among the teams.

The precise and apt contents in mail and other lines is mandate for understanding the full heat of the situation. Ultimately, creaming out at the ages is key to survival, thus utilizing the modern platforms in the line of productivity proves to be an effortless award.

Stealing from the great Larry king, Know your role as communicator. There is always a time to tell your story and there is time to sit back and listen. To be a skilled communicator, stay curious and never give up on your communication failures.

Shading out the star of importance, an entrepreneur is always a good leader and a good leader is always a good communicator. This good communicator should communicate only when needed and need to know what not to connect. Thus mustering the basic skills forms the foundation of success in the long run.


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