7 hacks to stop multitasking & become more productive, creative & intelligent entrepreneur

7 hacks to stop multitasking

multitasking is injurious to the health of an entrepreneur, because it damages the brain, stops creativity and destroys focus. with multitasking, the entrepreneur is under the ‘illusion’ of doing a great lot of work, but in reality, important tasks are ignored, and a sublime sense of achievement takes over, which in reality is just an illusion.

as per neuroscientist earl miller, “our brains are not wired to multitask well…when people think they’re multitasking, they’re actually just switching from one task to another very rapidly. and every time they do, there’s a cognitive cost.”

in fact, as per university of london research, IQ level of the multitasker drops considerably, as the brain switches to simultaneous tasks at the same instant, thereby losing focus and concentration.

in other words, multitasking slowly but gradually kills our brain.

in order to accomplish more, and to lead a balanced life, it is very important to stop multitasking, and to convert into uni-task mode. but, multitasking is a habit, which becomes addictive very soon.

here are 7 hacks, using which any entrepreneur or an artist, professional can stop multitasking, and become more productive, creative and intelligent:

hack 1: avoid gadgets immediately you get up in the morning

the first few hours after you get up in the morning are the most important hours for any person. during this time, the mind is clutter free, razor sharp with focus, and fresh after the night’s rest. if you immediately start checking your emails, or facebook comments, then the mind will lose that edge, and transform into the ‘reactive’ state.

and this means, that instead of retrospecting the possibilities of the day, your mind will convert into the vicious cycle of multitasking, replying to emails, checking social media posts, reading news and more.

for the first couple of hours, do some exercises, think into the pending tasks, have a walk, and just relax; allow your mind the luxury of silence.

hack 2: control those notifications & urge to open social media every 5 seconds

one of the key ingredients which encourage and incite multitasking is the dopamine hormone, which allows us to feel joy and happiness. when we accomplish any task, the brain secretes dopamine hormone, and we feel pleasure.

now, when our brain received dopamine even after checking that notification and reading a new mail, then the situation turns bad. it destroys our productivity. in the ideal case, the task which secretes dopamine hormone should be those tasks and activities which contribute towards your work and productivity.

there are tools and apps available, which can restrict your usage of social media, which can block the notifications and ‘pings’ for a certain amount of time, and these tools can be very handy in stopping multitasking.

but, of course, there should be a strong will, as well.

hack 3: prioritize your tasks & stick with them

the good ol’ to-do list is one of the most important tools you will ever find, when it comes to eliminating multitasking from your life, forever.

the ideal time to create a to-do list is early in the morning, after you get up. instead of checking emails and facebook/twitter to get that dopamine rush, try to sit calmly, and create to-do list for the day.

and within that list, prioritize your tasks, based on the importance, and stick with the list for the whole day. remember, things can be either urgent or important, and this means that not all urgent tasks are important, and not every important task is urgent.

ruthlessly stick with the prioritization of tasks, and kill multitasking, once for all.

hack 4: learn to say no

often it has been seen, that the person who is not able to say no, unknowingly falls into the trap of multitasking. as he (or she) has said yes, hence committed to a task, he will get stuck in the vicious cycle of unproductivity, and waste time in activities which will not help him in achieving his life’s goals.

learning to say no will help you in the longer run, and assist you in focusing in those activities, which truly matter.

hack 5: empower your brain by meditation

meditation is strongly recommended for all human beings, and especially entrepreneurs. via meditation, you shift from multitasking to unitasking, as you converge all your energies into that one single task.

meditation will help you to reclaim your focus, sharpen your concentration, and make you aware of the possibilities. meditation will make you realize how unimportant some tasks are in reality, and why you should avoid them.

if your goal is to kill multitasking forever, then meditation is an activity which you should do daily.

hack 6: embrace boredom & enjoy it

one of the reasons for multitasking is boredom. due to preconceived notions and due to the relentless marketing of few products, our society terms boredom as a big no-no. if you closely evaluate your life, then you will find that majority of our actions are planned to avoid boredom.

and in this endeavor, we fall back on the false-charms of social media, and start multitasking, just to be on the same page, as everyone.

as per adam gazzaley, who is the professor of neurology, physiology, and psychiatry at the university of california, san francisco, boredom is a privilege which every human should enjoy. doing nothing and thinking about nothing is an activity which can open so many doors to possibilities.

he says, “it’s okay to be bored. we’ve adopted this stance that we never allow ourselves to experience this state, and if we feel it; we try to change to something more rewarding. but then, you give up the quiet, thoughtful times where creativity can be sparked.”

hack 7: learn a new skill/language & experience different perspective

changing perception helps a lot to focus, and to discover the much needed clarity in our lives. and this change of perception can be triggered via several ways: change your location of work, learn a new skill or learn a new language, and then think in that language.

all these activities will make your brain sharper, with a single focus of solving a big problem, rather than distributed, partitioned focus at 100 different things, while doing nothing concrete.

learning a new skill is same as exercising for your brain, and somewhere down the line, you will realize how harmful multitasking actually is.

do you have any other remedy for eliminating multitasking? do let us know by commenting right below!


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