5 social media marketing tips to help you achieve your ‘A’ Game

social media marketing tips

More than 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years of age, which means they have never known life without the internet.

It took almost 75 years for the telephone to reach 50 million users, Radio hit the target in 38 years, Television took a little over 13 years, the Internet reached the milestone only in 4 years and Facebook took a little less than 2 years

According to a research done in 2012, 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies have acquired customers through social networking sites.

80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through various social media platforms.

34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter

Only 44% of the customer tweets to companies are being acknowledged, there is a hidden opportunity in the remaining 56% that businesses haven’t even covered.

Still, think social media marketing is not important for your business? Think twice. More than 80% of millennial have joined social networks and they are your consumers, colleagues and decision makers. To help you get on track, here are 5 social media marketing tips for your business:

1. Use all Social Media platform, but format content to optimize traction from each platform: 

Just because 40% of your customers use one platform, doesn’t mean you should have only one social media account and posting the same content on all social media platforms won’t do well either. You won’t find the similar audience on every platform. Every platform gives you access to different demographics of the customers. To optimize each platform to the fullest one must do a proper analysis of what sort of customers one may find on each platform and curate the content of your post accordingly.

Facebook is used majorly as a personal network to connect with friends. Here, you cannot post content all about selling, you have to fit in naturally in order to gain customer attention. Twitter is as useful for driving traffic as it is for customer service. Linkedin is different from other social media platform as it is solely for business, Linkedin is more valuable for those in B2B. Youtube is a more engaging way to get your brand out there. 

2. Make sure your content aligns with your brand identity and message: 

Every message you post on social media leaves a digital footprint. Getting a million likes and a thousand shares on a post is no good if it doesn’t align with your brand. Aligning your posts with your company’s message helps to give a clear picture of your brand. Everything that you post from your account needs to fit within your brand identity.

3. Learn the do’s and don’t’s of hashtags: 

Almost, everybody today knows about hashtags but not everybody knows how to use it. Hashtags allow you to reach a wider audience by getting involved in the existing conversation. They are a trending way to improve visibility. Using hashtags on Instagram or Facebook are more focused on the description of the content. While, on twitter, it is more focused on the topic of conversation. Take time to discover the most relevant and trending hashtags and be specific when using them.

Also, make sure to have your own brand hashtag, which creates your unique brand image. It shouldn’t necessarily be your company name but can be something that your brand stands for.

4. Social media monitoring: 

What businesses don’t realize is that social media monitoring is their biggest missed opportunity for growth. With the basic social media monitoring, you can keep a track of what is important for your business. It is a great way to learn qualitative information about your customers, to gain key information about your competitors and to keep up with industry influencers. It is all about gaining unique insight about your customers, competitors, and influencers to improve your ROI. This will also act as a basis to prepare a marketing plan. 

5. Focus equally on engagement and information: 

Not everything you post on social media will get equal attention, but you have to be certain about the brand reputation and post important things even if they don’t get enough traffic. Marketers believe the best way to grow your business is to post useful content, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on promotional content. While it is important to have useful content, it is equally important to have promotional or engaging content so that people can find you in the first place. Remember to have a mix of both popularity and business.

Not everyone will see all of your posts, but with a good marketing strategies, you can improve your chances of gaining the attention of your potential customers.


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