3 Reasons Why Networking Sucks — And How Founders Can Get Better At It

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Networking is a funny concept. And it’s poisonous. It’s about trying to work a group of people, and their contacts, in order to get something from them. I hate that whole concept, and I’m big enough to admit that part of the reason I hate it is that I suck at it.

Entering a networking event, you can feel the eyes of every attendee fix on you for a few brief seconds, like a pack of hungry wolves. They come up and shake your hand with a poisonously false enthusiasm, and as soon as they work through a quick calculation and conclude that you’re not “important” their eyes start flickering around the room, looking for their next meal.

These people, these networkers, they want something from you. They want something and they’ll do anything to get it. They want something, and they don’t know what it is, but they’ll sure as hell find out if you can give it to them.

Would-be startup founders are the worst for this. They’ll come up to me at an event at Fishburners or Stone & Chalk (awesome startup spaces here in Sydney) and as soon as they find out I don’t work for Google, or Atlassian or Blackbird or whatever, they bail and latch onto someone else.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t indicative of the way they’re going to treat everyone else they do business with.

Email 1: Hey, love your work, thanks for writing it!
Me: Awesome to hear from you, I really appreciate it.

Email 2: …give me money. Invest in my startup. Coach me for free. Get me published on Business Insider. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So here’s my rule. As much as I love meeting people, online and offline, as much as I love connecting with new souls, I will only meet people who genuinely give a shit about what I do. I will only meet people who want to have a real conversation, get to know me, and let an organic relationship grow.

The planet is pretty small. We can measure how many people are on it.But I don’t want to waste a second on this great big blue rock on people who see me as a dollar sign, a gatekeeper or an opportunity.

Only People Who Genuinely Care Will Chat To You

The people who just want something, and probably want it for free, they will not have a conversation. They will not chat. They will not care to hear your thoughts on anything that they can’t use. It’s easy to recognise these people, because they talk at you, not to you or with you.

They name drop, and they startup drop. The conversations breeze by remarkably quickly, because all they want to do is establish whether you’re worth something or not, assign a value to your entire life’s activities based on their needs, and rotate.

These are the kind of people who would’ve snorted cocaine off their Rolodex back in the 80’s, and they suck. If, like me, you genuinely love to talk to someone one on one, and find out what makes them tick, and discover the topics they’re passionate about, you will find yourself clawing at a plaster wall dressed up as red brick.

Only People Who Genuinely Care Will Help You Anyway

The best thing about people who give a shit, is that they’re the most likely to do something incredibly kind. Because they care about you as a person, not just a lead, they’re the ones who will call you and invite you out for a drink because they want to hang out, not because they’ve changed their LinkedIn status to “looking for a new opportunity.”

There’s a guy I know who manages a video game store. We’re in pretty different worlds, but we’ve known each other for a while. Every now and then, he’ll get in touch and ask if I want to catch a movie, get a drink or have a bite to eat.

And without fail, I’ll say yeah, absolutely. When I recently bought a second hand video game online and found that the disc was broken, he took it and swapped it for credit on a game at his store, and price matched the lowest retail he could on the new disc. Just a real nice guy.

Because they genuinely care.
And they’ll always put up their hands to help me.
Because they genuinely care.

Only People Who Genuinely Care Will Ask You For Realistic Favours

This one is so true. The people who are trying to network with you always have a big ask up their sleeve. They’re the ones who ask me to invest in their business literally within 5 minutes of meeting me, who want me to start a company with them to utilise my audience, who want me to proof read their entire book for free.

The kind of favours that I would hesitate to give to people I know deeply well in person, they try and ask for right out of the gate. It’s so unrealistic, and it speaks to their wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am attitude. They want to get in, get an answer, and get out as fast as they can. Fuck that.

People who care are going to ask for realistic things. They’re the ones who get to know me, and we talk for a while, and when their work comes up organically, they might ask me to read a blog post they’ve written, or suggest a marketing activity they could try. It’s respectful, and it’s open, and it’s honest.


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